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I am starting to look at go pro or other brand video camera. I would like to spend as little as possible, as I am planning to use it in a rather hi risk manner. I'm going to mount it under my Jeep, to use as a diagnostic tool. I have a "mystery" vibration coming from under the car, that I can not duplicate by crawling under the car. and I'm NOT going to crawl under it while someone is "driving" the car with the car lifted up on jack stands. so this is going to be a high risk project. I'm thinking about using a magnetic mount, has anyone used their camera in this way? I am hoping to find out if a magnetic mount would be strong enough to drive the car up to 60mph. I know for a fact that this is not a tire out of balance, and I can not detect any play in the drive lines. so the only thing I can think of is video the areas that would vibrate while driving. I really would not rather drill holes in the bottom of the car if I can help it. are there other mounting options? I do not know anyone who owns one of these cameras. so I can't ask questions about this.

Anyways, racers, more specifically drag racers use Go Pros all the time to check suspension squat, drive shaft issues, look for leaks, vibrations, and all manner of things that only happen when the vehicle is in motion. You can use the typical suction mount and back it up with gaf tape. If this is good for 220MPH 6 second runs and handle 2.5 G's then should be more than enough for a 60mph cruise.
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