Liquid Cooling help


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Hi everyone,
i bought a liquid cooling computer about 2-3 months ago...and im still confused on how my computer works... so before i go here are my specs

Asus P5n-D nForce 750i Sli Chipset w/ DDR 2

Titan A88 Xtreme Liquid Cooling Gaming 420W case w/ full side Panel Reservior

2 Quad Core 2.83 GHz

4 Gigs of ram

Geforece 9800 GTX+ 1GB 16x PCI Express (NVIDIA)

Windows 64-bit Home Premium

ok here are my questions....if you did some research on my Case its a Side Panel Resivour and what i wanna know is that....if i can mix Liquids with the other Liquid stuff thats already in my Resivour Panel and if i cant mix do i flush it out...cause i cant imagane just flipping my computer upside down to do basically my question is can i mix two different kinds of liquid gels (not Special Liquid to Distalled water, But Special Liquid to Special Liquid(meaning different kind of liquid company names))

and my second question is computer will over heat sometimes...and since its a liquid cooling system...the moment it goes over 40 starts i check my computer to make sure...nothings wrong....also when i start my computer it will start out with a decent 37.7 Degrees but the longer I seem to have it on the higher Tempature it will just gradually gets hotter and hotter.....the room im in is also very small...and i usally dont open the doors or windows for wind u think that it will have something to do with it...and the other day i thought it was cause mabe i needed to dust out the inside of my computer...and i did and it still tends to beep...

So if anyone can help me with these two problems it will be gratually appercated


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isnt a water cooling set up like $150?? christ i could a get a phenom II wit that money and im pretty sure i wouldnt need to overclock it until games can actually utilize the cores effectivly