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I'm a new user for RH8 and wasn't familiar with the licenses and antivirus solutions available. Furthermore, i notice the updates are in rpm format.

Due to that, my main intention for RH8 is to incorporate it into my company server. Therefore, licensing become an issue. As the entire RH8 was download from a mirror site recommended by red hat, i do not know if i am allow to run it at the corporate level. Although i have heard that Linux is an open source os but some also told me that RH8 and 9 are licensed commercial software.

Kindly advice me on the issues of licensing as well as the antivirus and security solutions that are recommended for the RH8. If anyone has knowledge on RH9 is also welcome. Thanks a great deal.
Yes, I didn't really read too carefully through my RH9 licencing and stuff, but I'm sure that you can use it free. I think that there are just "Corporate" versions out there which would come with different software, tech support, and all of that other jazz.

So if I were you I wouldn't worry a whole lot and install it :)
They cant charge you for Linux :)
As Shan said TechSUpport of the main reason why people pay for subscriptions to RedHat.
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