It's not that much.......

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DANG!!! That is a little Pricey... I could buy a new car with that... I guess for servers u could buy it, but most MB's wouldn't be able to support the 8gb of memory... most can only support like 1-3 gb of memory... if the memory is 23K then how much would the MB be for it? Geezz!
it might be a joke, but as compaq...i don't know...they might be selling it for that price... didn't hp and compaq merge?
Even better, this is off the Dell site:

32GB DDR SDRAM (16X2GB) [add $70,592.00]
32GB DDR SP ROW (16X2GB) [add $70,592.00]
32GB DDR MIRRORING (16X2GB) [add $70,592.00]

Forget buying that new house - just buy RAM instead :cool:
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