Its a little late, but Hi :)

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I was introduced to computers/internet only about 4 years ago when my wife convinced me that we needed to order one of these "amazing celeron powered computers running at a whopping 433 mhz", heheh.

I have long since realized that thing was an overpriced heap of crap, but it was worth it considering the introduction it gave me to the computer world. My life has never been the same since, I am a pure gaming and pc junkie and I don't think its going to end anytime soon. I constantly have the desire to learn more about it. To get/build a better pc, to get a faster connection...

My interests are mainly online gaming involved - Q3/Q2, RTCW, Unreal, and I have also spent a lot of time learning to use GtkRadiant ( a level editing prog for Q3 and Q3 engine games) and WorldCraft (Q1/Q2 level editor).

Oh and my name is Eric and im 29.. Good to meet ya :)
Thanks Chopper, Ive already learned alot just from browsing the board. Great site :) .
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