Is this video card good for the price

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Well i just paid for this card from 160.99$ So wen it comes in next week all tell ya how good it is or not :crazy:

Reason that i got this card? i had ati 3870 512mb.. And trying to play BattleField Bad Company 2
IT`s ****..
Load times after each time you die(hotfix FIX for certain cards) for 3 days i could not play, game would load i pick a server, as the game would start i could use my mouse but as soon as i hit the keyboard the display driver would crash... I fix this by using some old drivers (after trying all the new one 10.1,10.02,10.03+hotfix,10.04) all installed fine but as soon as i got in the game it would crash my display drivers..
and since all ati user all having issues with this game i decide to go to the dark side and get my self a Nvidia card.

I have been a ati/amd guy for the past 4-5 years :p
"The Time They are a Changing"
just got the Card in today :p work Good Way better then my ati 3870 512mb, Battlefield bad company 2 runs so much better now :p

I don`t know why but i had a hard time getting rid of my ati drivers
i used CC cleaner and Driver Sweeper.. took 4 tries to get rid of them all and still i had to hunt some down manually ..

Now i just need to get use to Nvida and figure out how i can oC this puppy.. but i have no clue as this is my first Nvida card lol
or a 5770, - XFX HD-577X-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card
better than a gts 250, very similar to a 4870 while running cooler and consuming less power, and also supports dx11.

Go with this. 5770 is actually closer to 4890 in terms of performance, can OC like a bat outa ****, and has DX11 support. It also is less hurtful on the electric bill. Is overall the better choice out of most cards today in this price bracket.
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