Is this Compatible??

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Hi I am looking to do my first computer build. I've worked with some motherboards and electronics before (Xbox, Xbox 360). I know this isn't too similar to a PC build but any experience helps right?

Anyway I am looking to use it for CAD software such as Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks. Also some video editing (probably Pinnacle 12 or 14).

I've read up on some sites and I know that compatibility is a big issue so could you help me out here? Also, if you think something would be better suited for me let me know! (Remember, I'm a noob)

Okay here we go:





RAM: Do I need more ram? The mobo comes with some so i don't know...

Hard Drive

DVD Drive

Video Card

I still need an OS, mouse, and keyboard. I have a monitor. Any thoughts on that would be great.
Thanks everyone!

Is there a major difference between the micro and the regular one? I did read that the one I picked didn't have a wide variety of BOIS settings. Could someone please explain this? Also what is this "Overclocking" I've heard so much about??
^ yeah but that's not the case with all atx mobos. like some of the 790fx mobos or that classified mobo that have like 7 x16 slots right next to each other, or just enough slots to fit 4 dual-slot cards.
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