Is there such a thing?


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I have a friend who isn't tech savvy, and neither am I. Although I know more than he does, LOL.

He has a flat screen in his living room, and would like to be able to watch tv in his bedroom without having to buy a new screen or new equipment.

I was wondering......

Is there a way to hookup a pc monitor remotely, to the flat screen that has the cable hooked up to it? Does that make sense?

With so much "remote" and "wireless" stuff floating around nowadays, I am curious if a monitor can be used in one room and wirelessly attached to some kind of cable adapter thats connected to the tv?

Hope I'm describing this correctly.


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The TV isn't going to have a repeater function, let alone wireless repeater function. The monitor also won't have this wireless function built in either.

He will need to get a Chromecast or wireless HDMI dongle for his monitor in his room.
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