Is there a maximum total hard drive capacity Windows 98 can read?


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Two oddities:
My Windows 98 machine had a 30GB drive in it. I replaced it with a 120GB & then added a 200GB drive. The PC only sees the 200GB as a 7GB for some reason. Putting it in my XP PC & running disc management shows that there is a 7GB partition and the rest is unallocated. Why is this? I have since replaced the 200GB with a second 120GB and the 98 PC reads this correctly.
I tried Fdisk on the 98 PC and it still read it as 7GB. In bios it also showed up as only 7GB in size.

I put it the drive back in the XP PC & wiped the partition, then tried to format it using FAT32, but NFTS was the only option. How can I format it with FAT32 on the XP machine?

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try windows help-98 only can read up to 120
use a partician utility from xp to format in fat 32-Id bust the drive up into two drives of 60 gigs each.


If You Are Trying To Find Out How To Hook Them Up To Gether You Cant Have Over A 120g On Windows 98 But U Can Put 80g And A 40 G As One As Space And One As A Second User. I Dont No Bout The Fat32. Windows 2000 Disk Will Do It.
Put the two drives on your XP Machine?

but the best idea with 98 would be to format them externally. Install it on a normal 10Gig, 20Gig Hard Drive -or your old 30Gig one, then put the Pre-Formatted Hard Drives in afterwards. I'm not sure however than 98 will even be able to recognise the 200Gig one after Formatting.


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Over the summer I helped setup a lab with 15 new computers putting xp on them. They all had 200gb hard drives. The first couple, xp (sp1) could only see 130 gigs to format and when xp was fully installed we saw that the rest was unallocated which we had to partition as a seperate drive. On the rest we used a 98 fdisk to partition the whole drive and xp was able to see all the free space when installing.

I've never had a hard drive larger 10gigs when using windows 98. But I would have to agree to split the partitions up if the fdisk doesn't work correctly.

The only problem I've had with fdisk is if it's not the first thing you use on the new hard drive fdisk won't work correctly. (Which I find to be strange)