Is SATA all what it's meant to be?

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Well, now the first Serial ATA drives are being seen..but..I don't see them "revolutionizing" anything at all. I mean, they are JUST as fast as ATA133 if I'm not mistaken. And I don't really want to pay 50 dollars more for better air flow. I can just buy a few more fans for 10 dollars. Any comments?
yea, it seems the PCI bus is limiting speeds to 100MBps anyway. Theorectically, the Serial ATA bus is capable of much faster speed, but in operation, it just isnt worth upgrading right now.
I don't see why the companies didn't develop it for another year or so and get it up to the "theoretical" 600 MBPs. That way much more people would convert to SATA. Those money hungry b*st*rds..
When SATA first came out it was a small upgrade from Parallel because the controllers used an ATA 100/133 design with an added bridge for serial capability. Silicon Image however has released a controller that is available and being manufactured into motherboards as we speak that is a true SATA controller. It's the Sil3112. With this chipset you can see a noticable difference in your SATA hard drive performance.
IDE speeds were already comparable. iirc, the nice thing about sATA is that it allows tag and seek SCSI like reading.

Example, if there is an information request for data A, C, B...tag and seek allows the information to be queued in proper sequence allowing the hard drive to read all required data in one sweep rather than moving back and forth.

The test data I've seen so far shows that its applications are limited in desktop environments but may have a greater impact on a server computer (obviously).

Could be a while til we really see this implemented.
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