Invalid boot.ini, what cd do I need?

2004 GT RagTop

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I am receiving the invalid boot.ini error message on startup, followed by some .hal file being corrupted or missing, and it tells me to install a copy of that file. After googling for a solution, it seems like the fix is to use a windows xp installation cd, and after a couple steps, reinstall the boot.ini file. Problem is I think I only have my sony recovery CDs, not a windows xp installation cd by name. Is there a difference, or can I use the recovery CDs for this problem without Having to reinstall he entire system? I'm currently looking for the recovery CDs as I seem to have misplaced them, but in the mean time wanted to ask the forum.



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I had the same problem, and this is how I fixed it. I started loading windows with my xp disk, but got the notice that I was missing files. I put in my windows 98 disk and loaded the base files, and then put the xp disk back in and finished the install. It sounds like your xp disk is an upgrade disk, and if so you have to have a windows OS already installed before you put xp on.