installing a hard drive and cd-rom

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howdy all...a newbie gringo here.....i've visited the board many times reading but this is my 1st post...and wouldn't you know it, i'm begging for help...

i was given an HP 450 PII. it had the hard drive and cd-rom removed when i got it...

i have a couple of drives and roms that work in other machines....i installed Win98SE on them..

problem is, i can connect either drive with 98 installed and boot to the desktop just fine....but the plug n play doesn't recognize any of the add ons, etc

i formatted one of the drives and connected it and a cd-rom to the box and it only gets to the HP splash screen and stops..

anyone have time to help a dummy or give some tips on troubleshooting and or installing the drive and cd-rom?

much thanks in advance

and if this is in the wrong forum, feel free to scold me and move it
Hi six,

We're not dummies, we're technologically impaired! Well, maybe that's just you and me. There's a lot of knowledgable techies here and I'm sure you'll get the help you need. Lot's of 'em have helped me out!

I'm sure help is on the way. :D
Hi and welcome to tech forums:)

Do you have another cdrom drive and hard drive already on the computer?

if you have youll need to set them from master to slave wich can be done on the back of the drives.

tecll me if it helps.

Drive setup

Do you have windows 98 on the drive now.are the cd rom and hard drive on the same cable.
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