Idiots guide to making DVD Quality DivX's

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------^--^--^-^-^--- How too make DVD Quality DivX's ---^-^-^--^--^------


First download this à
If the link is dead then go to and download the latest
version of Vidomi.


Then download this à
If the link is dead then search with google and download the latest version of SmartRipper.


Then download this à
Then use this too register (remove adware)
If the links above are dead then just search google for the latest version of Divx PRO.


Now install Vidomi, SmartRipper and the Divx 5.02 Pro codec. Then Restart computer.


Next place the DVD movie that you want to DivX into your DVD ROM (CHECK the DVD disk
is nice and CLEAN if not then give it a good clean with some rolled up cotton wool wiping it from
the middle to the outer rim in a linear motion). Now start up Smartripper, sometimes you will
need to authenticate the DVD disc but having said that SmartRipper DOES have an
auto-authenticate process @ beginning of the program which has NEVER failed me yet!
But if you are having problems with Smartripper reading / authenticating the DVD disk then
ALL you need too do is CLOSE Smartripper & then Start too play the DVD movie in Power DVD,
WinDVD or whatever program you use too watch DVDÂ’s on your PC, once the DVD has started
too play for say 10-20 seconds, close the program and then quickly start Smartripper and the
DVD movie should be 100% authenticated now.


Above is a screen-shot of what you should see when you have started up Smartripper and it has
finished scanning the DVD in your ROM drive. You now need to tell Smartripper where to put the
Vob files that it is about too extract from the DVD (see section circled in purple). DO NOT touch
any other settings other than the Target field as Smartrippers defaults are what we require for
getting the VobÂ’s from the DVD too your hard drive.

You will ONLY be able too see the Start button (see section circled in green) once you have
selected a Target field that has enough FREE disk space for the DVDÂ’s VobÂ’s to fit onto
(see section circled in flesh). DVD movies range from 3Gb too 7Gb in size so you will need a
fair amount of free space on your hard drive. Once you have selected a drive that has enough
free space on it PRESS the Start button and sit back and let SmartRipper do itÂ’s excellent work!
Respect too the author Tron!


Once SmartRipper has finished close the program and go to the directory / Target where you
told SmartRipper too put the Vob Files. It should look something like the picture below.


Remember though that each DVD movie is different in size so different movies will have different
numbers of Vts files (less for short movies more for long movies), above is just a rough guide for
you too see.
Now the DivX movie your going to make is ONLY ever going to be as good as the source is!
What I mean is, if the source (VobÂ’s) are fucked in the first place then when you DivX the movie
it will copy the messed up bits pixel for pixel!! SO itÂ’s always a VERY good idea too quickly
scan check EACH vob too make sure that:

A ) Their all their, (ie 1st Vts File = Beginning & Last Vts File = End of movie)
B ) that they play PERFECT (i.e. 100% identical too the DVD disk)
C ) that the aspect ratio is CORRECT, (i.e.NO squashed or stretched heads!)

If the aspect ratio is incorrect then this IS NOT a problem as we can fix this in Vidomi BUT
we need too know this BEFORE we start encoding.
I do all my Vob checking in WinDVD but most DVD movie playing programs should work fine.
After you have quickly checked that EACH Vob is perfect (should only take 2-3 minutes)
close ALL programs down.


Now start Vidomi, you should be greeted with a screen like this:


If you are presented with VidomiÂ’s Player instead of the Encoder as shown above then simply
left mouse button click on the button which is circled in RED in the above picture.
Now we need too tell Vidomi where the VobÂ’s for our DivX movie are, do this buy simply left
mouse button clicking on the + button (circled in Green in above picture). Now go to the
directory / path where you told SmartRipper to put the VobÂ’s and load them into VidomiÂ’s
MPEG 2 / AVI Input Files: window. On some of my PCÂ’s it allows me too input ALL the VobÂ’s
in one go by simply holding down the left mouse button and dragging a box and highlighting
ALL the VobÂ’s and then pressing the button that says OPEN (circled in yellow in picture below):
BUT on a couple of my older PCÂ’s it ERRORS when I do this so if this is the case for you then
you will need too input each Vob 1 at a time.


Vidomi should now look similar to the screen-shot below:


Make SURE that all the VobÂ’s are present in the MPEG 2 / AVI Input Files: window and that
they are in the correct order ie 1,2,3.etc top -----> bottom.
Next is too tell Vidomi where too put the final DivX files, do this by left mouse button clicking
on the ---> button (circled in Red in above picture). You will need at least 2.0Gb FREE space
where you tell vidomi too put the DivX movie.


Now itÂ’s time too configure the DivX Pro codec, this ONLY ever needs doing once as it
remembers the last settings you used. Once you have done this section you will never need
do it again.(UNLESS you re-install the DivX codec).
To configure the DivX codec left mouse button click on the button that says ‘Options’ which is
next too File and Job Control in the Vidomi Encoder. From the drop down menu select the TOP
one ( Video Options.. ).
You should then be welcomed with a screen like the one below:


Now check that ALL settings are identical to the ones in the picture above? (They are default
settings so they should be identical if not change them).
Video Codec Settings MUST be changed too DivX Networks (Two Pass), this is done by left
mouse button clicking on the v button circled in yellow in the above picture, scroll down the list
and select DivX Networks (Two Pass).
Now left mouse button click on the button that says Set DivX Networks Codec Parameters
(circled in red in above picture). Below is what you will see:


Copy the settings from the above screen-shot.

Bitrate (circled in blue) = 2-pass, first pass
Use Quarter Pixel = NOT ticked
Use GMC = Ticked
Use Bidirectional Encoding = Ticked

DO NOT tick the boxes circled in RED ONLY those circled in yellow.
Select Log & MV file path / directory by left mouse button clicking on the SelectÂ…
buttons circled in purple. Do not touch any other settings, now select the General Parameters
Tab from the top (circled in green in above pic).
The ONLY setting that needs changing her is the Keyframe / Max Keyframe Interval.
Change it from 300 ----> 30 by clicking the curser at the end of it and deleting a zero.
Next select the Advanced Parameters tab from the top and change Data Rate control (RC) /
Maximum quantizer from 12 -----> 4. Do NOT adjust any other settings on this page. Now click
the OK button & then the OK button again to exit Vidomi Video Options window.
ItÂ’s always a good idea when changing settings in programs to RE-enter the options quickly
JUST too check that settings that you have changed have indeed changed and STAYED changed!

Click the options button again (next too File & Job Control) and select General OptionsÂ…
at the bottom of the drop-down list. Now change Output All Files With The Extension
from .divx -----> .avi (use up arrow in drop down to reach it) then click the OK button.
Click the options button again (next too File & Job Control) and select
Output Size OptionsÂ… Copy the exact settings below:

If you only have 74 Min CD-RÂ’s then change the Media Disc Size too -----> 650 instead of
699 Mb (80 Min CD-RÂ’s) You can select ONLY 1 in Make Output Fit on ------ Media Discs BUT
unless the movie is widescreen and VERY short the quality of the end DivX is not very good so
for the sake of a 15p CD-R I think it ALWAYS best to spread it over 2 x CD-RÂ’s.

Above settings is for people with CD burners but if you are lucky enough to own a DVD burner
then I would suggest the following settings which would allow you too fit 3 movies @ DVD quality
on 1 x 50p DVD-R disc:
Left mouse button click on the white dot next too Set Target Size as an Absolute Size,
then input 1400 into the Target Size Box.
When you are happy with your settings click the OK button.


ThatÂ’s it your done, now your ready too start DivXIng. Click the left mouse button on
Start Encoding which is next too Statistics on the Vidomi Encoder main window.
Provided you have a pretty FAST PC then in about 2-3 hours your Divx Movie will be ready
too watch! DO NOT think that you cannot use your PC while itÂ’s encoding, because you
CAN I always surf the web, do designing and generally just use my computer as normal,
I just let vidomi do itÂ’s DivXing business in the background.
DonÂ’t think you have too go through all this crap each time you do a new movie, Vidomi and
the DivX codec remember ALL the settings you have just inputted so ALL you need too do next
time is Grab the VobÂ’s with Smartripper and then fire up Vidomi and direct it too the VobÂ’s then
start DivXing. Vidomi will be given a warning saying ‘ Log file already exists. Are you sure that
you want to overwrite it? ‘ Just answer this warning with YES as you no longer need that old Log file.

If you have any problems or ideas how too make this guide even better please feel free to
contact me on any of the following E-Mails.


LaterZ Guys & Girls

Nice set of instructions.

My question is: Have any idiots, oops, members out there tried it yet? How did it do?

Can you also make copies of older DiVX's this way?

Hehe.. i just got a 120gb hard drive, so I have all the VOB files for 10 dvds just sitting on my hard drive.. wasting almost 60gb of space... I'll probably try your method of Divx'ing, but for now I'll just keep the perfect quality VOBs ;)
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