IBM Thinkpad problem


Beta member
I recently got an IBM Thinkpad 600E. However the user thad had the laptop before me put a password on the WinXp startup, for his self, and administration, and then deleted guest some how. I thought no worries, I can still partition the hard drive, and re-install Xp Pro through Cd-ROM. Well it took me the longest time to figure out how to boot the laptop to get to the BIOS. I did, and finally got into to say boot CD, then fdd, then hdd1. However when I restarted my laptop with Xp Pro in the cd-rom it just kept on going to Win Xp on the disk drive, and I can't get the laptop to boot from cd-rom first, can someone please help me. I have though of everything I could possibly do, but nothing has worked out alright.

I am really fustrated, and need this laptop to work. Please help.