I think ive been caught by Microsoft!!!

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My computer was caught in an unfortunate fire a while back and most of its hardware had to be replaced(you know how these things happen wink wink)

So ive been trying to activate it when i installed it, first i tried the internet but that said the copy had already been activated. So i thought about phoning to activate it and tell them my excuses, but after the automated attempt failed i spoke to a sales person who just asked to repeat the numbers, then she gave me an activation code which worked!!??

Do you think microsoft have delibrately giving me a working code and then are going to catch me with this not so legal copy???

Please help!!!
Move???? :p

I honestly can't say what Microsoft's motivation would have been in supplying you with a functional code. If this is causing such worry for you I would suggest not using an illegal copy... Find the cash and go buy it.
It's not actually illegal, its all legit its that i just used it an another pc previously. I was suprised i actually got the activation code, i thought i would have to give my excuse.

Should i be worried about this??
Ok, if I am understanding you correctly, you have just installed it to a different computer that you own and you also own the software? If that's the case, you haven't done anything illegal. :)
Yea, the copy of windows XP is legit for up to three installations.
Well i think you lot misunderstood, what i meant was that I have two PCs and im using the same XP on both of them, is this OK? Do u think microsoft have caught me??
Did you go online and BUY XP or go to a store and BUY XP? If so, you are fine.
You are fine. A little secret I will pass to you: One of the main reasons our company does the activation the way we do is to prevent piracy and to track how many copies of said O.S. is being used. Sneaky huh? Alot of people whom have more than one computer in their home will often share the operating system. While we would like for you to buy more than one copy, what you have done is perfectly legal.
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