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The pope is going on an overseas trip. A limo driver picks him up, loads all his cases into the boot and then is about to leave when he notices the pope still standing on the footpath with arms crossed.

"Your eminence, you must get in or we'll be late," he says. The pope replies," Actually, I'd like to drive, they never let me drive at the Vatican." The driver, wishing he'd called in sick say, "But your eminence, it's more than my jobs worth"

The pope replies, " I really want to drive and there might be something extra in it for you." The driver gives up, climbs into the back seat and lets the pope drive. The pope immediately floors it getting up to 150 in no time. This soon attracts the attention of a patrol car who gives chase. the pope pulls over and winds down the window as the police officer walks up and looks in the window. The officers jaw drops and he says, "Excuse me, I've got to call the chief!"

He gets on the radio and says, " Chief, I've pulled this guy over doing 150 in a 60 zone." "So book him," the chief says. "I think he's pretty important," the officer replies."All the more reason to book him."

"You don't understand, he's really important." "Is it the Mayor?" "No" "The Govenor?" "No" "Well who then?""I think it must be GOD because... he's got the pope driving him around."
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