I really need help :D


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Basically, Please correct me if I have posted this in the right place or even in the right forum :eek: . Firstly I want to create a template on word which is fine, but how do I lock the image at the top and my contact details at the bottom. Basically I want a template that the image and contact details can't be deleted only text in the middle of the page can be edited.

Secondly, I have an e-mail account with godaddy.com and I want to transfer that e-mail so I can use it outlook express. I have no idea how to do it.

I hope I have explained myself well. Sorry if these questions seems quite elementry. :)


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Unfortunately, I can cannot help you with your answers but I will say you did post this in the right section. And I would also like to offer you a warm welcome from everyone here CF. We hope you will stay with us.