Hunter: The Reckoning

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Well, We are at this ghetto mansion, with the rooms and stuff. And this ghetto vampire dude is impossible to kill for me and my friend. How do we kill him, we have 2 spare lives, and we don't really want to restart. The furthest we ever got his life is like 8/10 alive still. LoL. So if someone that knows the invincibility cheat, or a full proof way to beat this dude. Please help me!

well..all i can tell you is...use that healing spot sparingly cause with the amount of lives you have, it's gonna be hard.

Currently, there is no invincibility cheat..only an all weapons cheat which you can only use once every game you play.
That sucks, ya we started the whole game over so we can come into that boss with more than 1 or 2 spare lives..
The other thing that'll get you mad is that when you beat the game you can't start the game over with your souped up gotta start from scratch..that's one of the reasons why i dislike this game so much..
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