Html programming


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Is there anyone here that can help me find a program, that I can use to program : Html, XML, JSP, and so on.. ??

I have been looking at Visual Studio, is that a good program and can i use it for my purphase ??

Any other programs that are good, which I can use ??


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Visual Studio is for non web based programming like VB.NET, Visual C++, Visual J# etc.

If you want something for HTML and other Web-based languages you should probably pick up the Macromedia Suite which consists of Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash.

Dreamweaver is specifically for HTML, PHP and other web languages, Fireworks is an Image editing application which lets you prepare and create images for use on the web and Flash is for creating well, flash movies which can be displayed on a web page for more rich look.

You don't need any program to code HTML though, you can do it with good old Notepad although Dreamweaver does make it easier. You can also purchase (or acquire) Dreamweaver separately from the other applications if you don't want the others.