How to delete Windows 10 off of spare SSD without making SSD unusable for storage?


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Hi everyone.

I have a spare SSD that I plan to put into a laptop that I have so that the laptop will have two SSDs in it.

This SSD has Windows 10 installed on it.

The laptop that I have also has Windows 10 installed on it.

As such, I need to delete Windows 10 off of my spare SSD so that the two operating systems don't clash with each other since both SSDs will be in the same laptop.

Can someone please tell me how I can delete Windows 10 off of the SSD in question without making said drive unusable?

Do I just reformat it? I think this is what I need to do, I just don't want to unwittingly render my spare SSD unusable.

Thank you.


If there is any data you want to keep then back it up somewhere then, yes, a simple format should do the trick.


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Just in case, make sure there's space in the laptop for an extra SSD. Typically laptops have space for only one 3.5" internal drives. It's possible there are two slots if the SSD's are PCI-E but I have a feeling they are not. If there's no space, your only option is to bring a fast external USB case.

As for removing Windows from the 2nd SSD, you got your answer. Nothing really renders a drive unusable; format or deletion. As a matter of fact, a truly unusable drive is a broken drive. Otherwise, there's always a way to make it run normally.