help....the kids did it.............


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Hi all. newbie here. Well, I had 6 extra houseguests this week due to the ice storm we had. They had no pwer for days so they packed there bags and stayed with me.
Here is what the rugrats did to my home computer. They install a game called Star Craft. They played it for thee days. Now my computer WILL NOT even log on..... It is sending me an error called "Lundell"??? or something like that...

What do I need to do to fix it???
Could someone walk me through it, step by step??? Please no computer high tech words, as I am computer stupid most of the time....

It is a XP i think??? Hew. Pack. I have had it for more than a few years and I love it... My laptop is what I am using now, and I don't care for it...



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go into more details please.
give full error details and find out which windows you have.


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Well I have the starcraft game, and i must say its pretty fun game. Unless the game was downloaded and burned to a disk, I highly doubt that the game is at fault. If it was, there's a chance a virus or something else corrupted your hard drive. In the 5 computers i've had it on i've never had a problem like yours. The jewel case for it says that it is meant to be ran on Win 95 and higher. But i haven't had any problems with it on XP. What is the specific error message your getting?


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Rundell is what is coming up.
How do I get to where I can scan my disk? I know I go to start and then what? I have a bug somewhere I just don't know where to look and what to do about it.

Thanks to everyone who responded.


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ahh, the infamous rundll problem. Rundll allows programs to use peripherals and devices attached to your PC. Rundll may be getting hung up because it has been clobbered by malicious code, either a virus or a Trojan horse. So update your antivirus definitions, and scan your system. Another possibility is the power-management utility in Windows ME. Turn it off, both in Windows and in the BIOS. In Windows, you do that through the power-management option in the Control Panel. You get to the BIOS by entering Setup for your PC.

If disabling power management is to no avail, get into the System Configuration Utility. Do that by going to Start/Run and typing msconfig in the Open box.

In the configuration utility, click on the Startup tab. Scroll through the list of items - the ones with checked boxes next to them - and look for any that include the rundll command.

To see the full reference in each line, you may have to move the borders between the Name, Loaded From and Command columns by putting the cursor on the lines between them and dragging them left or right.

Disable, by clicking on them, every reference with rundll in it. Reboot. When the PC is back up, shut it down.

If you don't get the error, go back into the configuration utility and re-enable one of the items you disabled.

Reboot. Shut down. Observe. Do that until you have trouble shutting down again. Then you have found the cause of the problem, probably some application or the game itself. Reinstall it, if you need it. Otherwise, uninstall it.


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thanks for the greeeaattt help... He is trying it right now. I think this will work.


Another quick question. Can you tell by looking at an e-mail, what IP address they are using to e-mail me>????