Help Me Again Please :D


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Basically you may see me as been abit annoying today asking all these questions, but its better to ask the nwaste money and me buy a wrong product :p:p

Basically this is what is in my machine at the moment:

Mainboard : MSI MS-7091
Chipset : Intel i915P
Processor : Intel Pentium 4 650 @ 3400 MHz
Physical Memory : 2048 MB (4 x 512 DDR2-SDRAM )
Video Card : Nvidia Corp GeForce 7600 GT
Hard Disk : ST3360832AS (360 GB)

Basically my motherboard is a cheap and nasty £20 one and i truely dont liek the CPU chip in at the moment(not too mention its temp rates are crazy :S)

Anyhow my point is i have about £300 to spend on new upgrades.Well this is the point where im stuck at,i play games and want to upgrade peices i nmy machine so that it plays ALOT better with noticeable increased performance.Do i buy new CPU with better mobo.... or buy mobo SLI with new gfx. Please someone enlighten me for finding out what i can buy to make my machine play games BETTER thanks

p.s. MAIN priority is to make my games and desktop run faster and smoother


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Ok thanks and what is the difference between having a cheap motherboard and a pricey one please?

Apart from the O/C abilitys :p


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Well, since the motherboard is the main component of the computer, the better of a motherboard you have, the more stable your system will be overall. It will also support more features like RAID or SLI/Crossfire (2 graphics cards).

The more expensive one I gave you actually has 3 PCI Express slots. You can have SLI and still have another PCI Express slot for a physics card.