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Hi guys,

I'm still building my first PC. It's all installed and all I need now is the video card. Today, I ran the box and everything went real smooth. Of course, ill not know how smooth till i get the graphics card. Anyway... i'm still worried about one thing. When I installed the heatsink, I had left a tiny bit of the edge of my Athlon XP uncovered by the heatsink. It's not a lot... just a tiny fraction (about a 50th of an inch). I dont want to remove everything again now unles i really have to. So, do i have to cover the entire thing or is that little bit of the CPU PCB being exposed ok?

Please help...
i shouldnt worry too much, the heatsink draws heat away from the middle anyway, but it would be best to check the temp after an hour or so online, bios for that or there are other little tools
You may want to check temperatures first, using software such as Motherboard Monitor. Or if your motherboard comes with any hardware monitoring features, use the included software instead, but hardware monitoring chips aren't always sure-fire.
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