Hdd Questions... transferring files from one to another


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ok well for my new computer Im sticking with an older hdd until i get the $$$ for a new one, a computer I have access too ( the parts and stuff) has a 40 gb hdd but the person only uses a total of like 2 gb of their 40 gb... so im going to trade them a 10 gb for the 40.... so, I want to take their 40 gb hdd and give them my 10 to use, how would I go about transferring all of the files and such?

from what I know I would do this

put in 10 gb as slave, reformat it ,transfer all files from the 40 gb ( all 2 gb of them) to the 10 gb harddrive.... then turn the comp off, take out the 40 gb, set the 10 gb hdd as master, and turn it back on and it would work..... right :-d ?

if not then please tell me how to go about doing this!

thanks! i wish I coudl repay you guys for all of the help!


4 drive limit,max3

This will be easy if you can only have 1 cd drive useable.Just hook up all 3 hd drives and transfer files.
Just remember to have a system disk for each Windows ver,you as most didn't include it.
I have a good way to make easier than My Computer.
Let me know where this led me ?
A Ghost would do the job perfectly; or if you're reinstalling the Operating System then just save the files on disk, reinstall it then put the files on again. It is often best to reinstall if you're changing harddrives - makes it feel like a nice new thing and is nicely organised.