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Mike V

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How many hard drive partitions do you guys use?

I have the Western Digital 80GB special edition with the 8MB buffer and have it at one big partition only.

The bad thing is that I am running a 400 Mhz Celeron with 256MB of RAM and Norton's Speed Disk can take well over an hour to defrag the HDD the way it is. :mad:

Are more partitions better? I have heard conflicting comments on it. Scott Mueller in his book, "Upgrading and Repairing PC's" seems to favor the less partitions the better.

What is the concensus here?


It depends. Do you have any files you backup? If so, create a logical partition and store them there. Also, it is always cool to have a dual boot machine. Do you use Linux? What OSs do you use?
I only use Win98SE. I don't really back up anything other than text files and so forth which I just burn on a CDRW.

I once had a friend of mine ask if he could use a partition on my hard drive to backup some things off a HD that died on him. I asked how much space he thought he'd need, and he told me about 2gb. He actually took all 18gb that I had free at the time. I blinked when I came in to work the next morning and saw that. When I opened it up to see what was so bloody important, turns out that it was all pr0n. all of it.

I deleted it.
On my 120gb I normally have a 40gb system partition (actually currently a 30gb XP and a 10gb Longhorn partition) and an 80gb "crap" partition with backed up files, mp3s (about 30gb), videos (no pr0n), and a "downloads" directory where I put all my unsorted downloads, games, etc.

Linux gets its own HD, simply because I had a spare WD 20gb kicking around with nothing on it.
Thanks Paradox.

It's nice to get a real answer relating to the issue rather than someone's deviant behavior. :rolleyes:


That wasn't a shot at you, I was joking in a sarcastic way.

No appology needed my friend. ;)

Western Digital 80GB special edition with the 8MB buffer on a 400 Mhz Celeron? man you need an upgrade :)
Dice said:
Western Digital 80GB special edition with the 8MB buffer on a 400 Mhz Celeron? man you need an upgrade :)

Man, you got that right brother! :D

Kind of like putting a Viper V-10 engine in a Hyundai isn't it? LOL

When I can save some money I am going to build an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ "Barton" with an MSI K7N2G-LISR (NVIDIA nForce2 IGP) motherboard and 512MB of Mushkin PC2700 Cas-2 RAM.

Man, that would be nice! :eek:

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