hard disk hdd strange problem - WDC WD3200AAKS


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Hey friends,
First this is the hardware I have on the computer :
Motherboard Name: Intel Pearl Creek DG31PR
CPU Type: DualCore Intel Core 2 Duo E7200, 2533 MHz (9.5 x 267)
Drive #1 - WDC WD3200AAKS-00VYA0 (298 GB)
Drive #2 - WDC WD3200AAJS-08L7A0 (298 GB)
(I want to note that both hdd are not SSD drives)
Memory : 4GB DDR2

First, I apologize for my bad English
I have a strange computer problem
In recent months, one of the hdd drives on the computer has started
to disappear
It should be noted that I did not hear any special noise from the drive .. or end-of-life clicks
When that is happen I would open the computer case .. Disconnect the hard disk and return it and then the next boot would appear normal on windows and like nothing happened.
Now the hard drive from the model WDC WD3200AAKS-00VYA0 (298 GB)
And its shown on my windows and I can access to it
But when I try to copy files from it the speed is very low like 100 kb\s
Or slower .
While the second disk number 2 (WDC WD3200AAJS-08L7A0 (298 GB)
is transferring the files at very high speeds
I have attached a picture to show you the differences
Between copying from each disk

Does anyone have an idea how to solve the problem? And why is this happening?
Thanks in advance everyone


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Could be several things but I think I would first check the inside and clean it out if it needs and then check the Sata cable on the drive, replace just to check. This is a very old pc? More than 10yrs? so your power supply may be starting to show it's age by not having enough to properly power up your hard drives


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First thing I would do is check Event Viewer. Under Windows Logs -> System, see if you have errors related to the hard drive, especially Bad Sector/Bad Block errors.

If you do...back up what you can. You may need to boot off of a Linux LiveCD to copy files, as Windows really does not like working with drives with bad sectors.

After you have your important files backed up, you can try to save the drive by going back into windows, and running a Disk Check. Open up Command Prompt as admin and make note of what drive letter your problematic drive is. Then run the following command (replace D: with your drive letter below, including the colon):

chkdsk d: /f /r
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