Hard drive help Pleeeeze help

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I have got a virus and it has seriously messed up my PC (I'm on the one in the library) and the cheapest way to fix it is to wipe the hard drive. If I do this will reinstalling windows be OK or would I nedd to reinstall drivers for various pieces if internal hardware suchas the CD drive. Or will I need to do something else as well as reinstalling windows.Please help!!! :confused:


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It would help to know which version of Windows you have currently. You could also try to remove the virus with a good virus scanner first. Then you will have to decide if formatting the hard drive is your best solution. Any time you reinstall an operating system from scratch, you will definitely need to install the drivers and any other sofware applications you may have had on the drive. Hope this helps. ;)

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If your online and have the drivers for your modem you can download needed drivers from the internet. If you have a dell,compaq or gateway you can call them and get the drivers cd from them.-in the past in dire straits Id copy the whole windows folder and registry to a back up device and install the drivers from there-a good virus scan might fix you up
Best idea I can think of would be to do that and think about drivers afterwards.

Note down what Modem Driver you need, or preferably find the CD. Back it up so you can get it onto your computer after you're Formatted it. Go on the internet get the updates for Windows. Then after you've restarted install all the Drivers you have on CD, then find the ones you don't have on DriversGuide.