Generic vs. name brand memory

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I am sure this has been anwered before but I could not find it.

What is the difference between name brand vs. generic memory? Is it worth the price to get the name brand stuff? I am on a tight budget so if I can get off with the cheap stuff it would be great. Thanks

By the way I have a MSI k7t266 pro mobo and 1.2ghz duron.
Generic memory is mass-produced, and you usually don't get as good of quality chips, while name-brand memory is a much higher quality chip. Because it is name-brand, companies are staking their name on it, so it has to be good, or they lose business.

To be honest, yes name-brand might be a little better, but I have used generic memory for over 2 years without any problems at all.
Yay for generic memory! Just buy it from somewhere that offers a lifetime warranty on memory, and RMA it when it dies :)

Unfortunately you can't overclock the generic stuff nearly as much though...
These days I buy enhanced memory (e.g. PC150 SDR, PC2400 DDR), even though I have to use the speed the manufacturer specified, but there is a small performance gain.

Generic mem ain't all that bad, but as long as your system functions the way it's supposed to - that's what I look for.

Dont go anywhere else, the memory is the best there is, and the customer service is exceptional!
Hmm, come to think of it, I can't even remember which company manufactures my memory, lol. But I've used Crucial in the past. Great stuff. Generic memory should be just fine, but make sure you can return it (RMA) or have a looooong warranty. I'm talking about lifetime if you can.
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