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It's been 10 years since I've last built my PC and now is the right time since GPU's are becoming more readily available with prices "falling"

Parts list of my current PC specs are in the signature. I'm looking for any changes or recommendations that I should do before purchasing the parts, I've already purchased the case along with 2TB SN850 Gen 4 nvme (parts located in the pcpartpicker link below)


Here is the part's I'm looking at getting, Have a few questions I was originally gonna get the msi b550 tomahawk board paired with the G.Skill tridentz neo but a friend of mine said to check if the ram is compatible(he was gonna get the same board back in june 2020) Looked at the msi website to see if that ram was compatible but I couldn't find the ram on that list.

Is it worth spending the extra $130 to get the 5900X over 5800X at memory express? I know someone who works at my local memory express store who is able to get me discounts for most of the parts (GPU discounts he cannot do) Depending on what's available for the GPU it'll either be EVGA/ASUS TUF/STRIX series I'm looking at.

I'll want to be able to player new/current games at 1440p which is my goal.(Will be needing to grab a new 1440p monitor as well)
Any recommendations/advice is greatly appreciated before I make the purchase at the end of the month!

Thank you very much for reading!
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Looks good to me. My only concern is the PSU might trip OCP with the GPU. A lot of LTT folks with 3080s and 850 RMx's needed to move up to 1000W.

RAM will be fine, doesn't need to be on the list.

5900x is only worth it if you plan to use the cores. If you are only gaming even a 5600x would be fine and in fact the 12600k with a D4 board would be cheaper and faster.

Biggest gripe here is the cooler pricing. The EK 360 basic is cheaper.
Thank you for you input on my build!
I shall look into those alternatives you've suggested! Appreciate it:)
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