games freeze then release/flickering

adrian krstisto

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Ive had my 7950 for a couple months now and played games w/o any problems. These last couple of weeks ive been noticing random graphic glitches/artifacts(split second) and even game freezing(then unfreeze) along with my screen going black for a second then coming back : /(happens on desktop)

my bro was able to play for 5 hours straight before it froze on him yet when i began to play i got a freeze and some weird graphic bugs that would only last for less then a second.

diver 91.47
2 gigs ram
updated bios/drivers except for 91.47nvidia
p5n32-SLI SE Delux and a
550watt antec. 12v/19a

i dont want to update the driver since the newest one gave me some problems.

my temps

using control panel
gpu 52/75-80


the oldest part i have on my box is 1 gig of ram that i got when my pc was a xps gen4, everything else has been updated.

It is random

adrian krstisto

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unfourtunately i dont have that luxury

my games just freeze then unfreeze all the while having a consistent stutter with minor screen flashing/flicker? every 10 seconds.


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did you try updating DirectX?

speaking of that, does directX diagnostics say any thing? to run Dxdiag, click the run thingy on the start menu, and type "dxdiag" and click run.

adrian krstisto

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hello again

i actually found one of my old 7800gtx lying around and i tried it out and the infinite loop problem hasnt surfaced, actually none of the problems that i mentioned before.

so now im wondering if the 7950 and my 550 watt antec psu are in conflict or the 7950 is broken?

550 watt can handle a 7950 right?

ive had it since september and only know has it been acting up so my best bet is that the 7950 is broken. :mad: