performance slowly degrading


Daemon Poster
about 6 months ago i started playing destiny 2 and had no issues running it at 4k resolution
ran minecraft at 4k on full specs with minimal issues for long time also

over last few months since i installed destiny 2 the game performance was getting worse and worse
at first it was just random freezes of the character
then the game started getting worse
and maps started freezing
and now the game freezes and shuts down completely
i thought the game was just sucking more and more with every new update because all the issues were in the recently added planets but now it freezes everywhere. with or without any intense action

in addition minecraft runs like crap as well.
i updated the driver again
and everything else runs good except gamesi can open like 20 youtube videos on each of the 4k screens without issue.

in other words only game performance seems to be suffering but not desktop performance