Galleries All DOWN?

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Im still trying to figure out whats wrong with the gallery. You are seeing red x's becasue ive put the galery in a new folder while im working on it and the images are in a different folder. The problem im currently having is that it wont let people upload :(
You know, if you just look down the Site Suggestions forum here, there is a thread called "Photopost" where the same question is asked. It's gotta come soon...I've been accumilating more desktop screenshots, I get bored of themes so fast. :)
oh ok ,..thats why


need to ask a favor,..can you please take out my girlfriend's picture while you're at it...she posted it when i was asleep...never really noticed it until a few months ago. people think im a know...thanks.
that's alright...

i just noticed it last month or this month, im not quite sure..when someone (i think SnS) from this forum told me that i was just a blonde. then i got this look from my girl that somehow told me that she was behind it.

anyway...i'm sure everyone else here thinks im a man...
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