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I want to host a website on my brother's computer which is at my mom's and has a cable modem and i am at my dad's. I want to be able to go online at my dad's house and then upload my updated website onto my brothers computer. What is a good ftp program that will let me do this. Also are there any other ways of doing this other than an ftp program. Keep in mind that i am at my dad's house and he has dial up so remote desktop sharing really isn't an option. Thanks for your help.
If it is a WINNT, WIN2000, or WINXP system then you can simply map to his computer using the UNC and IP address.


Windows authentication is used as rights verification so you would need a local admin account on your brothers system and he would need to share out a folder for you to upload to, or you could utilize the default admin share of <VOLUME NAME>$.
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