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Touch Support is pleased to announce that for a limited time, we are offering one FREE SERVER SECURITY AUDIT per company!
Each free security audit will consist of virtually the same procedures our regular customers enjoy on a weekly basis, which will be performed by our team of expert server administrators. Once your audit is complete, you will be able to view the results on our site (results are kept completely confidential, only you will have access to view your server's security report). Note that this is only an audit; We will not modify your server configuration in any way regardless of what we find, however, we will provide you with a list of items that should receive immediate attention if such items exist.
We will complete each audit within 48 hours after registration on our site:
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Audits are absolutely free of charge, with no further obligations; We only ask that while you're waiting for your audit to be completed, that you take a few moments to browse our current server administration plans and features at (also summarized below) to find out how Touch Support can exceed your system administration expectations!
::ADMIN LITE:: [$49.95/mo. per machine]
Details: Server Administration Details
Touch Support is proud to offer our System Administration services for small and large businesses of all sorts requiring cutting-edge administration on non-hosting platforms, web hosting companies with in-house support teams, and dedicated server providers looking to offer Managed Dedicated Servers.

:: DEDICATED TECH:: [$99.95/mo. per machine]
Details: Server Administration Details
Our flagship server administration package provides your company with a team of technicians whose sole responsibility is to maintain a small number of client servers. When purchased in tandem with regular support services, Touch Support administrators will also respond to your customers' Level 3 tickets!
All packages may be ordered via:

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Touch Support, LLC invites you to join the rapidly growing list of satisfied hosting companies who use our 24/7/365 Customer Support and Server Administration services!
Since August of 2003, our clients have trusted us with over 110,000 end users. Now with over 20 employees, Touch Support provides a unique avenue towards increasing customer satisfaction while decreasing your monthly operation costs!
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Phone: 1-888-45-TOUCH (1-888-458-6824)
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