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I have decided that its time for a reformat...what would be the best order to install software in after XP. I was thinking XP, then my chipset drivers, then Service Pack 2, then my video card drivers. Would this order be best, or does it matter? Somebody told me the order you install this stuff in can greatly affect performance.


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*whips out copy of Maximum PC*
It says XP, then SP2, then chipset drivers, then vid card drivers.

There ya have it, from the Feb 2005 issue...


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i will leave sp2 as the last step (installing software), as when installing some older software it can replace the new with the old. But thats for software not drivers.


Agreed with macdude (and, I guess Maximum PC, as well). I would make sure to get Windows updated soon as well.


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I never installed it and never had any trouble or missed anything. And it crashed my neighbours computer and many others' computers.


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Exactly....XP Pro installed on a new puter....then all the drivers and software. After SP2 was installed my USB DVD-RW no longer exists!! All windows says not is that the hardware has malfunctioned! ??????? Tried to update drivers for the unit...nothing.....??????? Very frustrating, to say the least!!! Put the USB DVD-RW back in the old puter.....There it is!!!!! Weird!!!! Now I'm thinking I need to reformat, reinstalll everything and the heck with SP2? Man.....what the heck is Microsoft doing?
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