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Some of you may have noticed the new Folding Team badges that have shown up under the avatars of several members. If not, check out mine. These badges are part of of a promotion to draw attention to our F@H team and to drum up participation.

What is F@H?
We've already got that covered in an announcement that is visible at the top of every forum. You can view it here. Most of the information is current, but we will be updating some of it soon.

Why are you asking for more people to help?
Well, for one, it is an awesome cause and costs you nothing more than the electricity your computer would be using anyway while it sits there. Two, our team is making steady progress and is working its way up the ranks (currently ranked at #110 out of 6000). Three, it is actually a lot of fun seeing how much you can get done. And four, it is extremely satisfying to know that you are helping in a way that most people can't.

We have an entire forum devoted to Folding here. It is located further down the main page, so some may have never noticed it before. Check it out. We discuss F@H, how to better run it, how to set it up, and have our own little "competition" over who is putting out the most. While we can't all be mega-producers, we can all contribute. I started with an AMD socket A Athlon XP 2000+ (read: very old dinosaur), but I was still contributing.

Give F@H a look and see what you think. If you want to join us, follow the guides and jump in. be usre to let me know what your user name is in F@H so I can add you to the roster and usergroup, and make sure to put in out team number (12864).
Not open for further replies.