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hey guys! it's only been... 7 years since I last posted? I guess that's a different topic though. So I checked out a few of the topics for folding, back in the day that was a pretty shiny topic. Is there any real-world help this provides anymore? I've been folding for about a week, have 1.2M points going solo. I would like to join our team, but the Extreme Overclocking site shows TF as supplying 0 points. Does anyone fold anymore? If so, how do I join our team? Thanks, as always, for the help!
I was folding when the COVID hit, but thanks to the hit on my power bill, I stopped... But they are very much still working on protein folding and looking for advances in Parkinson's, MS, various cancers, etc... So yea it's still a thing that I would gladly do, if it wasn't for the hit on my elec. bill.

I also used to do SETI @ home as well... Another one that, to me, was a worthy cause.
I have the most points on the team, and have a bunch of points on other teams as well from folding over the past 15ish years. I honestly feel like it gets nothing done. I mean back in the day, one could argue the combined power isn't enough. These days you can almost make a super computer with a few 3000 and 2000 series cards worth of compute power. I used to fold at work where the power was free, but I soon switched that to mining because there was a tangible gain. I just recently quit mining at home because the power cost is just too severe with what's going on in the country.
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