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How much longer are they going to make computers with floppy drives? I can't even remember the last time I used one, they barely hold any information at all.
Just for small information, such as if you need to transfer documents to computers without any outside network access. They're still useful, IMO. For older motherboard BIOS setup's which don't allow booting from a CD-ROM, a boot disk is necessary.
I use mine quite extensively. It is a good way for quick transference of info (small files) between non-networked pc's.

Do you think there will come a time when the CD-ROM replaces the floppy?
I think the floppy will be dead in a year or two... people keep shifting towards legacy-free pc's and floppies have been around forever...

What I think is funny is that on an XT, CPU usage would be around 90% when writing to a floppy... on a P4 2.53Ghz, CPU usage will be around 70%... just because they are so inefficient..

I would like to see something like a minidisc replace both the Floppy Discs and the CD ROM/DVD. Since they're smaller than both and also have a protective case.
There is this great new thing called DiskOnKey. It is a very small drive who can be the key holder for you, and connects to the USB connection. it is great, and costs around 100$. It can stoe 48MG, 74MG, 128MG.
It is much better and comfortable, should replace those damn diskets.. Though I use those floppy often, moving cracks, txts, little programs, etc.
DiskOnKey - Is great for me :)
diskettes will remain a necessity until all cdr media attains the attractive aspects of diskettes (rewritable, easily formatted, no special software needed, etc)...besides, diskettes are needed for old comps
I believe floppy drives will remain useful for students. Students still use them in college as well as High school. However, they are not useful in the corporate world since discettes could only hold like a few spreadsheets.
Persoanlly... I love floppies. I know they are annoying, ancient, and inefficient.. but they are also very useful even these days. Almost everyone I know uses them.

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