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i have 2 sites that i regularly visit and the last 2 days cant get in them. it just says finding site. like im not logged on, and then it goes to the white page that says this page cannot be displayed . bla bla bla... like i said this has been going on for 2 days and i know its not there problem cause i know alot of other ppl visiting there and have no problems getting in. any advise??
Check your encryption level, some sites reqire 128 bit encryption and your browser may not be supporting it, they may have upgraded the site and the other people that you know are already at 128 bit.
ok i checked that and it says im at 128 , someone also my cache may be full, how would i check this? i have emptyed temp internet files and cookies and cache something different and can i mess something up deleteing it
I would just go through your IE options and reset everything to default. Delete temp files, reset security level to default level, and under advanced, reset defaults.

If it still isnt working, download another browser and try that, to narrow the problem down. I would suggest Opera.
ok i found the IE options , and no good, also tryed different browser netscape , same thing so what do u think this narrows it to?
Are you at home or work? Do you have a router or firewall?
very strange i can all of the sudden get into both sites that i was having problems with! dont know why but thought i would let u all know :)
Hey, thats good to hear, gotta love how stuff works out like that!

Happens to me alot, right when your about to give up, it fixes itself.
yea i know that my isp was making upgrades and making in so u dont have to log on to connect with the internet and i wonder if that has anything to do with it? also this is a dsl service and there upgrade is that i no longer have to log on to serf. as soon as i turn on the pc im on line. my question is does this change anything, like can they see everything u do even more or am i parinoid? :)
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