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I was just wondering does anyone know about some good software for faxing from your computer and were can i get it?
WinFax from Symantec, I have been using this for awhile and I like it pretty good.
you can always check out the specification sheet of your modem..its always written over there.
well i have a 56 k modem in my computer wich is built into the motherboard wich i dont use and i have a net card built into my motherboard wich i do use so i might be able 2 look in the manual for my MoBo
Well if it is integrated into your motherboard then I doubt if it does support faxing....most integrated cards don't support faxing ...external modems always do....you can still check your motherboard manual for the cards specs.....or you can check the motherboard manufacturers site for more details...:)
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