Emachine T5082 converted to XP Pro now audio driver problem

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Lets see if anyone here can figure this out. So I'm fixing my grandma's computer and put xp on it cause vista was wayyy to slow for it. The only driver that won't work is the audio driver of course. I installed the realtek driver this one guy on a forums said you needed and that is supposibly required says the realtek website. The volume control panel worked and everything. It knew when I plugged in headphones or other audio devices, but it wouldn't play any sounds from anything. So I figured it was the wrong driver and unistalled it. Yes from the add and remove programs. Tried a differen't download which ended up being the same stupid download. Reinstalled that and now the volume controll panel won't return. Says the audio realtek driver is installed though. Can't get to any audio control panel or any audio related things. In device manager it says the audio codecs and stuff is working properly. One thing I noticed differen't is that only the Realtek that was 64mb in the add and remove programs was there when before there were two things there and one didn't show a size and it said like codec something. Can't quite remember. I had also looking through more sites and forums found a gateway driver that supposivly worked for it, but again it wouldn't download the driver correctly. I had windows do this to me before with a differen't project I had accidently downloaded wrong driver, removed it and the other driver wouldn't work. Whats up with this? How to fix it without 3 hours of reformatting.
Please dont post the same issue in multiple areas. It will not help us help you. As we wont know what was suggested in the other topic and it will jsut cause confusion for everyone.

Which driver did you download? From the RealTek site you need either the High Definition Audio drivers or the AC'97 audio drivers. Which ones have you already tried?
well i tried to make it clear as possible and I was trying to get a response before i left. i noticed not many people look at the audio section. anyways. Its any driver I download thats meant for it. It doesn't matter what it would be really. when i download the driver for it, it won't install correctly. it won't run the audio control and it seems to be missing an install that it was suppose to do. though it worked the first time i did it, it just didnt play sound. Its stupid how it knew i plugged something in the audio jacks though. different things in front and back audio out jack. I had this problem before and I couldnt get the driver to install correctly unless i reinstalled whole xp though it was a different computer i did. its always realtek drivers doing this to me though.
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