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is there an easy way to install a dvd burner (replace my cd writer)_
in my sony desktop? Anything i need to know?
Depends on how old your PC is to begin with. If it's a year old, go ahead and install it. The OS should detect it.

If not, update your BIOS. Update your OS. Install it and hope it gets noticed.

What are the specs of your machine?
the system is only about 8 months old

sony desktop
1.7 athlon
80 gb hard drive
windows xp
i just got it today and i am going to install it either tonight or tomorrow. wish me luck
goodluck buddy,..i wouldn't get worked up bout it if i were you. if things fail...just log on.
thanks alot that is why i came into this forum.

i will need alot of help and i am not a brainy person but here is one for you my internet keeps disconnecting after sitting for awhile or just downloading something, where do i go to length the time if idle or completely shut off that feature?

i have windows xp.

thanks once again
your help if very much appreciated
Dial up crappy isn't

i didn't know if it was a setting on my internet options or the isp itself

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