Downloaded 'Tor' browser with consequences.


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So, in my quest to discover the 'Dark Web'... I installed the 'Tor' browser. Well, after doing so videos no longer worked on Udemy for me. Nor was I able to connect to the 'ReCAPTCHA' some websites display. Though, I was using Google Chrome for these things... it's almost as if the 'Tor' browser changed network settings that effected my Chrome Browser....

I'm slightly concerned I may have downloaded some bad files. Is there any way to restore all of this, or check for malware, spyware or viruses of any kind?

Any suggestions?


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So a lot of services don't permit access via known Tor exit nodes - generally for any Tor node trying to access the service, their firewall will drop or reset the traffic.

If you jump off of the Tor browser, you should be able to still use Udemy etc.

As an alternative, I recommend using a VPN to add some privacy for services that don't permit access via Tor, as VPNs are at least preferable to direct service access.


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I do use Tor and things seem fine. It does not edit any other network settings nor open a VPN tunnel. As long as I do my browsing outside the Tor browser, the internet works normally.

However, go to the proxy setting on Win 10 (if you are using Win 10) and see if a weird proxy is set (use the search function on the Toolbar for "proxy" and it should show up). If so, clean-remove Tor and see if the problem is still there. I remember a proxy Firefox plugin (FoxyProxy) used to that to me, but not Tor itself.
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