Do other open browsers compromise TOR?


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Just got VPN, downloaded TOR hoping I could do what I want, an was informed I shouldn't use ANY info that could identify me, don't use any TOR info on the Clearnet, certain sites are illegal, .onion itself may be illegal, but is at least a red flag, and so on. So, no purchases (everyday stuff), no social, no just about anything. But, if I can use it in any meaningful way, can I have other open browsers? I have stuff split up on browsers, per recommendation of a tech expert.


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Hello, I've just seen this. Sorry for the very late reply.

If I'm understanding you correctly ! What you're saying is even using TOR do not use any personable identifiable information on what you have said being the clearnet (surface web) and onion might be illegal in its self .

Why dont you use firefox with your VPN, switch off .geo enabled location services in the browser settings and configure the overall browser it self. I have posted loads of articles on here about VPNs and security Inc. firefox .

If your VPN service provider gives you support for proxy services, then why dont you set up your VPN and run ff with the Proxy enabled upon boot . My advice is stay the F*** away from chrome and move over to ff for privacy and security issues.

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I think the problem with TOR is people don't have a fundamental understanding of just what it is. At its core it's still Firefox and is still compromised by the basic exploits from the regular version of the browser. If you use TOR it's actually making you an easier target, or rather somebody to keep an eye on because you ARE using it. Thing I tell everybody is, if you don't have a legitimate reason to use it, don't.
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