Does anyone else here play RPG's???

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When i was browsing through this forum all i could see was FPS titles, but does anyone here play D&D titles like neverwinter nights or Icewind Dale II? I've been hooked on these types of games for years and wandered if anyone else played them??
I do, NWN was nice, just waiting for some new camaigns to come out.
I play NWN, WarCraft 3 and Diablo 2. I just can't into them like I could when I was younger. Now, I play FPS almost exclusivly.
I play Ice Wind Dale, Baldur's Gate, Never Winter Nights, Might and Magic, Throne of Darkness, Fallout and Diablo. Also, I play actual real time D&D (NO AD&D HERE) ..
so I guess you can say I play RPG's :D

<-Edit-> though Diablo ain't really RPG unless you play it on line.. Even Fallout is more of a RPG then Diablo.. but ok :cool:
Might and Magic used to be fun but after number 8 came out i gave up on it. Has anyone here played Planescape: Torment?? it is my all-time favorite RPG.
I also play NwN and other rpgs for console systems. i like FPS like counterstrike too though but ive been rpging since the age of 5
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