deactvating warnings on Win XP Pro

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hi everybody

i'm a lot anoyed with the low space on hard disk warning (this appears in the systray and in a intervals of time it show a dialog box, when u click on the icon, the sweep utility pop up, can i deactivate this forever?

thanx :eek:
be more specific, please..
you can press start->run->msconfig->startup->uncheck the one that answers to the name of the sys-tray icon..
noup man!!


maybe i don't explain well...when your hard disk is going to be full, you recieve a warning in sistray (a hard disk over a hand) if you have some hd going to be full, you will see some warnings in your systray, thats i talking about :rolleyes:
anyways, I'm sorry.. I now see it's win xp problem.. sorry.. so my solution was no good anyway.. hmm..
never saw this before, use debaster's idea..
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