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I'm trying to make a debugging tool for installations testing... basically, i take a snapshot before properly installing a program and one after, and diff the two snapshots using 'InCtrl5' to determine what changes should have properly been made. Then, during install testing, I diff snapshots made before and after improperly installing the program. I then use a 'CompareIt!' to compare these two diff files (.txt files) to see what specific files and registry entries were affected while improperly installing the program.

I'm trying to scrap together some simple java parser to get rid of the registry keys and files that are constantly changing. The way I've determined this is by taking two snapshots of the system, the second after having done nothing at all. I've tried this with doing nothing and diffing the snapshots, restarting and diffing, clicking around and diffing, etc... the problem is the list of constantly changing items is too large... reg. keys like


I can take care of, since most everything in this root key is altered constantly, and I can rule those out by simply excluding the root key. But random things like

Data: {F49F02A7-E479-4742-A211-58C700B94EA4}
Data: 01, 00, 00, 00
Data: FF, FF, FF, FF
Type: REG_SZ

kill me, since there's no general grouping of these entries to exclude.

Any ideas about how i might approach this better?
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