how do i fix permissions after user name change?


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after changing user name to delete special character in registry and control panel some apps dont work because it seems like the old username still lingers around in the system and references to wrong file paths

error: you do not have appropriate permissions to access files...

i remember there was some setting to check permissions system wide in previous versions of windows that i uses before but i couldnt find it now

or program to heck registry for incorrect file paths and permissions?


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Honestly, I don't think that the things are the way you say it. But you can try, first you need to get these files and folders in your possession, "Take ownership" and then "Restore permissions for folder, subfolders and files".
You can use both commandline and Powershell to do this. Commands and samples are easy to find on the Internet. Use search help.
If all this is difficult for you, go to site
and download the Windows Manager that suits you, there is/this toolbox contains such a thing as the Context Menu manager and there you will also find how to put these commands very simply in the right-click menu. It does it for You.
Do it and then it's easy, one click, and it's already working.
PS. Don't worry that this program requires registration. You have 20 days (I don't remember exactly how many days) free trial and everything works without any restrictions. I think, You even don't need so much days.
But again, I don't think the problem is as you said.
There must be some other problem.


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my kid created username with a ! character.
i changed the user name in control panel and another place
its related to that minecraft issue that im having..
i was just too lazy to edit over 100 entries in registry by hand like the article suggested and kinda yolo it.
so it probably has wrong references in registry because i changed the user folder name and deleted special character. manually and only one registry entry.
i was thinking to just transfer all to new account...
been on windows since windoze 95 and know exactly how much headache it is to fix anything here lol

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Did you make a back up the registry before you made these changes? If so then just reinstall the old reg from the back up. You'll be where you started at least. Then you can try to create another separate account to install MC, don't try to change any other accounts.
Personally I would remove all instances of the existing mine craft first. You can use REVO to take every thing out for you (including reg values) and get a fresh installer of mine craft and use the new account (with a proper name) you created and install it into that account, see how that goes. Do not try installing any modified versions yet until you can get it working with out issues. REVO has a free version that works.


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You should consider granting permissions to all folders and users in your windows OS.
Launch file explorer and click on option this PC.
  1. Go to C:\Users.
  2. right click on the folder with your username title, and select properties.
  3. Navigate to security tab and click on Edit.
  4. Select Add and Advanced.
  5. Now click on Find Now and choose Everyone.
  6. Click ok, and Allow > Full control and Ok
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