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I work in a small education institution which operates on a very tight budget. Currently we have switch based LAN connecting about 50 PC, and shared a single 2MBps DSL internet line. We are planning to add another 2MBps DSL internet line to the network. My goal is to divide this LAN into two separate subnet (for better management), with each subnet having their own 2MBps internet connection without losing connectivity with each other. Here are the simple diagram:



My question is:
What is the cheapest solution (free is possible) to connect subnet1 and subnet2.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to get an upgraded internet line as opposed to getting a whole new line put in? Or is there a reason you need to set it up this way?

If you want to go the way you outlined in the OP, then you'd need to create entries on both routers for both subnets. Then link the routers together.
^we're talking a heck of a lot more for enterprise level routers over normal ones. And for a 2Mb connection, is it really worth it?
I guess it would be overkill, however from a security and configurability standpoint its awesome.

they could use vlans if they put a linux router distro. theres some that add more options. its nice. since i dont think that netgear or linksys router you can get at wal-mart can do vlans. I can't get mine to do it for gaming. I wish I can do vlans.
I hear ya, when I was doing my course I got to work with lots of cisco routers/switches. MAN I loved those things :p beat the crap out of every other piece of network equipment I've used to date
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