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okay here:
Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 1 (2600.xpsp2.030422-1633)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Compaq
System Model: Compaq PC
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: AMD Duron(tm) Processor, MMX, 3DNow, ~750MHz
Memory: 256MB RAM
Page File: 185MB used, 432MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0b (4.09.0000.0902)
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 5.03.0001.0902 32bit Unicode
Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
DAC type: Internal DAC (350Mhz)
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5159&SUBSYS_2030148C&REV_00
Display Memory: 64.0 MB
Current Mode: 800 x 600 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Monitor: COMPAQ MV540 Color Monitor

I am trying to get my computer well running for the sims 2 I will worry about the freezing problem later...

So here's the specs for the sims 2
If you have a non-T&L capable video card (an Intel Extreme Graphics or a Radeon 7000/VE Series) then you need at least:
2.0 GHz processor or better
256 MB RAM if Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 98, or Windows 2000
At least 3.5 GB of hard drive space

okay now in order for me to Run The Sims 2 to WELL not EXCELLECENT just WELL OR EVEN SMOOTH...what else do I need to do:

So far I am doing the following

1. Upgrading to 9600 pro
2. Getting more memory/ ram (whatever you wanna call it) 256 stick

Now if your going to recomned me something please don't give me some crazy gamig thing just give me a good inexpensive one also....
i didn't tell you but this is THE ONE game I will play on my computer
so if that makes a differnce before you tell me something thank you.


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A friend checked it for me.

What size of Hard Drive does he have, and you'll probably need to upgrade to a 1.5 Ghz processor or better, but by doing that you' might need a new motherboard if the one you have isnt capable of going that high., Mega could you ask him to download that and post the log?